Dog Daycare (Day Camp)

Need someone to care for your fur baby while you’re at work? Renovating your home and want your dog to be out of the way? Visiting one of Williamsburg’s many tourist attractions and can’t bring your pet with? 

Day Camp provides your dog with the opportunity to interact and socialize during a full day of playtime supervised by our loving staff. All guests will be able to play with their friends outdoors (weather permitted) or indoors with a mid-day nap.



Our Day Camp Options:

Full Day: $26/day

Half Day (7:30-11 or 1-6): $20/day

If you have more than one dog, all additional dogs receive a $5 discount per day.

If your pet is a new client they will need to be evaluated on their first visit for a one-time fee of $30 to test their temperament around other dogs. 

If your pet is an established client and comes often, we offer the following packages to save you some money!

Buy 10 days at $260, get 1 day free

Buy 25 days at $650, get 3 days free and a free bath