Welcome to the Resort!

The Pet Resort at Greensprings Williamsburg, VA

The Pet Resort at Greensprings is located on 16 acres of peaceful agricultural land just minutes from the heart of Williamsburg. We offer doggy daycare, boarding for cats and dogs, grooming services, and multiple amenities such as Bark & Play or Pet & Purr all tailored to meet your pets individual needs.


Operating since 2005, The Pet Resort at Greensprings has become an industry leader in the community, having won “Best Pet Boarding” and “Best Pet Grooming” multiple times over the past decade in the Greater Williamsburg area. Your pets will be in good care at our Pet Resort.

As a family-owned business we truly are a home away from home. You'll know us, you'll know the staff, and we won’t be strangers to your dog or cat. Our employees work here because they love being here! They take the time to learn about your pets needs so they can be cared for like they are one of the family.

Our facility is owned and operated by a Veteran and an educator; Jeff and Jill Russett. We continue to learn about best practices to provide your pet with the best care possible. Our goal is to ensure your pet is lovingly taken care of both physically and emotionally. Please call us if you have any questions, we would love to talk with you.


The Pet Resort takes great pride to ensure your pets receive the best care while they are away from home. Here, we make sure to get to know each dog individually and take their needs into consideration


We understand your need to be able to relax when you are out of town or have some extra time to do your work. We are committed to ensuring your pet gets the attention, interaction, exercise, and the care that you want them to have while you are at work or away.


Utilizing the Industry's Best Practices, our staff have access to a library of informational pet professional videos and written content allowing us to continuously train even the most seasoned pet care providers and remain knowledgeable in our industry.

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Our staff is extensively trained in recognizing pet body language, first aid, and occupational safety. Not only does our facility require on the job training for employees, but we are active members of International Boarding and Pet Services Association (IBPSA).