Doggy Daycare

What does Doggy Daycare include?

Big dogs, Small dogs, Old dogs, Young dogs - they all need a chance to get away and play! We have separate groups based on size and temperament so your dog can enjoy time with others like them. We have a few dogs that come in just to be around humans and get all the snuggles, and then there are other dogs that don't care about humans at all, they just want to play with other dogs.

We have our playgroups all morning and afternoon with a lunch and nap break in between. Our staff get to know the dogs well during this time and help them to “play nice.” We change up the play yards so they can experience different things and when it gets warm we bring out the pool to say cool. Your dogs should sleep well when they get home and will be ready to do it all again the next day.

Daycare Schedule:

Monday - Friday

7:20-8:30 Guests arrive

8:30-10:45 Active Play

10:45-11:00 Lunch (optional)

11:00-1:00 Rest and down time

1:15-4:30 Active Play

4:30-6:00 Guests depart

Saturday (SEASONAL)

9:00-9:15 Guests arrive

9:15-10:45 Active Play

10:45-11:00 Lunch (optional)

11:00-1:00 Rest and down time

1:15-3:45 Active Play

3:45-4:00 Guests depart

Our Daycare Options:

Full Day: $26/day

Half Day (7:30-11 or 1-6): $20/day

Buy 10 days at $260, get 2 days free

Buy 25 days at $650, get 3 days free and a free bath

Dedicated attendants experienced with off-leash dogs are in the daycare yard at all times. We offer both turf and natural grass play areas which are cleaned and sanitized daily and have shaded rest areas with splash and play during warmer months.

What is a ½ day of Daycare?

Your dog can come for a ½ day of fun and play either in the morning or the afternoon.

My dog likes to spend a lot of time at Daycare, is there a package?

We offer two packages;

  • 10 days at $260, get 2 free days
  • 25 days at $650, get 3 days free and a free bath

How do I get my Dog evaluated for Doggy Daycare?

Select in the drop down menu Daycare evaluation or when you drop off your dog you can let the receptionist know you would like to have your dog evaluated. There is a one time $30.00 evaluation fee.

What does the evaluation consist of?

Our evaluation process takes place over two days. The first day’s goals are to accustom your dog to the resort and to spend one-on-one time with multiple staff members for temperament testing. We feel this is very important before any socialization occurs. We take pride in the relationships and trust that are patiently built with all of our dogs. The second day is spent introducing your dog to group play. A management team member will review the evaluation results and create a plan of action moving forward if we feel additional time is needed for your dog to acclimate. We want your dog to feel comfortable and have fun. This process may take longer for some dogs than others- and that’s ok!

Will my dog be in a kennel at any point during the day?

Yes. We include a formal rest period from 11 AM to 1 PM every day for the health and safety of the dogs. Dogs that are overly tired are usually less tolerant and prone to get grumpy, which increases the risk of injury. We also actively monitor for dogs in need of additional rest such as senior dogs, puppies, and giant and large breeds. We find this time to be equally important as off-leash play.

What are in the play yards?

We limit the toys in the play yards as a measure is to ensure the safety of all dogs in our play groups. Any dog could become resource aggressive, which can lead to an altercation. Additionally, if small pieces are torn or broken off, a dog could choke or swallow and cause an obstruction.

Our dogs have a lot of fun smelling, running, playing with each other, and getting the attention of our staff. They are so busy they don’t miss any toys. We do bring out a kiddie pool and sprinkler on hot days and the dogs do enjoy playing in the water.

What energy level should my dog have after daycare?

Daycare involves a lot of activity. More often than not, dogs go home ready to rest after a fun-filled day. All dogs have varying energy levels that can impact how tired or alert they are at the end of a visit. Some play styles can be very physical and active, while others take a more relaxed approach to socializing. Group participants change daily; therefore group dynamics are changing as well. Dogs who regularly receive exercise usually have more endurance - meaning that even if they’ve had a full day of play, there may still be energy for them to burn once they go home.

It is important to keep in mind that the focus of daycare is not simply to exhaust your dog. It is to provide them a safe and comfortable place for positive interaction, as well as mental stimulation.Your happy and healthy dog is the most important measure of success!

Why does my dog seem thirsty after daycare?

Every dog who visits The Pet Resort at Greensprings has access to water at all times of the day. This includes if they are day boarding in a run, out in daycare, or spending the night. Many times when you reunite with your dog they can get very excited and mentally stimulated, which can cause them to be extra thirsty when they get home. In addition, if your dog is especially active in daycare or private plays, it can be a very physical workout. Just like people, they need more water the more active they are.