Dog Boarding

Need accommodations for your pet when you leave town? Visiting Williamsburg and your hotel doesn’t allow pets? When you can’t be with your pet, you want the next best thing; staff who treat your dog or cat with the same love and care that you do. At The Pet Resort at Greensprings, your dog can have a vacation too.

Included in your stay, each day your dog will participate in 4 supervised play sessions, they will rest on a a raised Kuranda bed combining soft, off-the-floor comfort (chew resistant), and will be fed and have fresh water in their suites at all times. During their stay, your dog will run off-lease in our play yards, play with other four-legged pals (with similar personalities), and get belly rubs by our staff.


Select from different styles of boarding rooms to accommodate your pets needs. Whether your dog is young and likes to Pawty, more reserved and enjoys some TV, or is older and/or has special needs, we have a room for you.


Each suite is cleaned and disinfected daily to ensure a healthy and comfortable stay. Some dogs get nervous while boarding and may not be as interested in eating. We go the extra mile to ensure your dog is cared for and is safe. All dogs have a kennel card on their suite with their specific feeding and care instructions; our staff marks off every meal that is eaten and medication that is administered (as needed). If your pet isn’t eating on their regular schedule, we check back in at another time and give it another try. If permitted, we can provide them with added wet food or rice to help them eat. No matter what, we want to make sure your pets are well cared for.

*All additional pets receive $5.00 discount per night.

Classic Suite

  • 4′ x 4′ x 4′
  • Recommended for dogs 40 lbs or less only
  • $37.50 per night

Deluxe Suite

  • 4′ x 6′
  • $43.00 per night

Deluxe Suite 2

  • 4′ x 8′ x 4'
  • $42.00 per night
Dog Grooming Toano VA


(Association of Retired Pets)
  •  Designed for dogs 10 years or older or with a disability (for example we work with dogs that are deaf or blind). Suites include a short distance to a private yard.
  • $46.00 per night
Dog Boarding Yorktown VA

Grand Luxury Suite

  • 4′ x 6′
  • Includes cozy surroundings, music and TV.
  • $49.50 per night
Dog Grooming Yorktown VA

Executive Suite

  • The largest and most private of our suites. Includes a private suite TV or music as requested.
  • $56.00 per night

Cat Condo

  • 3 Tiered Cat Condo
  • All accommodations include kitty litter, a scratch board and our premium house food.
  • $21.00 per night

Why Do I Need to Vaccinate my dog for Bordetella?

Canine tracheobronchitis, otherwise known as canine cough, is the dog equivalent of the common cold. Like a cold, canine cough is contracted through close contact with an infected dog. As the name implies, canine cough can be transmitted between dogs anywhere dogs spend time together, including dog parks or even on a walk. The Pet Resort at Greensprings takes steps to minimize the risk of contraction through maintaining high standards for proper and continuous sanitation, keeping the kennel well ventilated, and ensuring all guests are current on their vaccinations.

What Safety Features Do You Have?

The Pet Resort at Greensprings has 24/7 temperature control, fire alarms, and video-monitored security. We will be notified if there are any issues after regular business hours and can get to the building within minutes. The Pet Resort at Greensprings is not a practicing medical facility. In an emergency, our first concern is the well-being of your pet. Our preference is to secure care at your primary vet, where they know and have previously treated them. If unavailable, we have many animal hospitals in close proximity to us. Pet owners and/or emergency contacts will be immediately notified and given updates. Clients who are traveling internationally are strongly encouraged to download WhatsApp for easy communication.

What should I bring for their stay?

We highly recommend that you bring your pet’s own food to prevent them from exhibiting possible gastrointestinal distress due to a sudden change in diet. If desired or needed, we have Retriever, All Life Stages Chicken Recipe as the house food for canines and Purina ONE for felines. If possible, please bring enough food and treats for the length of the stay. We have a refrigerator and freezer available for special dietary needs.