Dog Grooming & Pet Spa Services

At The Pet Resort at Greensprings, we offer full-service professional grooming as well as individual a la carte services. We pamper your pets with the best products and nurturing care to leave you furry friend feeling fresh. Call to learn more about the types of services that are best for your dog breed.

Meet our Groomer: Lisa Cash

Lisa is a staple at The Pet Resort at Greensprings, having joined the facility in 2007 and over the years she has groomed hundreds of dogs! As a family-owned business Lisa says she feels at home in an environment that fosters a caring and supportive space. Lisa has groomed all types of dogs (and cats) with varying sizes, different breeds, and temperaments, all of which are treated with loving care and patience. 

Lisa has a wonderful relationship with the dogs she grooms as well as with their owners, some of whom she has known for many years. Lisa has 3 dogs of her own and truly loves all animals. She is understanding when it comes to specific needs and requests for grooming and you are welcome to call and talk with Lisa about what is best for your pet. Every pet is unique, as well as their owner, and Lisa strives to ensure every customer walks away happy. 

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At the Pet Resort at Greensprings, your pet will receive a dedicated, one-on-one experience with a single, experienced groomer.

We offer specialized care for aging dogs or animals with unique needs. Treatments of your pets coat are completely customizable and can range from all over haircuts to simple clean up trims or deep cleaning baths.

The Pet Resort at Greensprings uses a unique blend of high quality products and all natural shampoo that removes dead skin, loose hair, and leaves the coat shiny and soft.


We care for both dogs and cats! Grooming Services can be tailored to your needs and liking. We offer a standard bath, paw trim, full body haircut, face, feet, and sanitary trim. Grooming is available Monday-Friday and appointments are booked 2-3 weeks in advance.

Standard Bath & Brush:

Shampoo and Conditioner

Nail Trim and Grinding

Ear Cleaning

Fluff Dry and Brush Out

*Oatmeal Bath and scented body spray also available 

Specialized Services

  • Bath with Oatmeal Soap; helps to exfoliate and remove dead skin while leaving a fresh, clean scent
  • Scented body spray

We have the best prices in town! We know grooming is an investment and therefore we want to make it affordable as possible so you can provide the best care for your dog/cat. Prices are based on breed, coat length, and condition. 

Prices range from $50-$120 depending on the length of hair and size of the dog.

  • Nail Trimming & Grinding $18
  • Ear cleaning & care $8

Full Service Grooming appointments can be requested online or you can simply call to schedule your pet’s spa day. Pricing is determined by breed and size, temperament and hair type.

Additional Questions

When should my puppy have its first professional grooming?

Grooming should start around 4 months of age (all vaccinations are required). Starting early lets your puppy become familiar with the sounds of the grooming environment, noises such as dryers and other dogs, etc. Starting early helps to imprint the process on your pup and make future visits just as enjoyable.

How often should I have my dog groomed?

Dogs should be groomed every 6 to 8 weeks. Full coats or long cuts should be done every 4 weeks.

Is it too cold out to have my dog groomed?

Sometimes pet owners decide not to have their pets groomed in the winter months as they are concerned ‘it’s too cold” outside. While it may be cold, our pets still professional grooming to maintain a healthy coat. Of course, they can be left longer or even not trimmed at all during the winter months. Most importantly, they always need a complete brushout and bathing that a professional can provide. Nail trimming and ear cleaning is also a must year round. Keep your pet stylish and feeling great all year round!

How often should I have my dog's nails cut?

Part of this answer depends on your dog. If your dog is outside often in the grass, fields, and harder surfaces, they won’t need them cut as often.